National Talkblack 160921

National Talkblack 160921

We had:

Dean Gibson, Aboriginal Film Maker, talking about how he’s casting a lens on Australia’s modern prison colony. He has been making documentaries for over a decade, telling stories of historical wars to political landmarks. But his latest project, capturing Australia’s brutal systemic incarceration of First People, is arguably his most challenging yet. The film is Incarceration Nation, a visceral examination of the relationship between First Nations people and the Australian justice system. “Any edits (we) had to do, an hour into it, we had to just go for a walk around the block, because you realise you’re not breathing,” Gibson said.

Dr. Beau Frigault, Queensland Chair at Doctors for the Environment Australia, talking about how doctors warn Morrison government of the imminent health threat posed by climate change. “As a medical professional I see that climate change is already affecting the health of Australians. Hotter summers lead to an increase in heat-related illnesses, particularly among older people and people with chronic illnesses. “Even small changes in temperature, rainfall, and humidity can create the right conditions for infectious disease to spread. People are contracting dengue fever and Ross River virus in areas where they weren’t previously at risk. “We have one cure – to alter our carbon footprint and drastically reduce our emissions.” he said.

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