Mary G

Mary G


I am a ‘Kitja’ woman and I come from a place called Margaret River station here in the Kimberley.


I was taken away from my mother as a little girl and never met my family again until I was older. A lot of people say that this did not happen or that it was for our own good. What good was that I ask?

‘My dream is for recognition and reconciliation by Australia for our Indigenous people and also the recognition that Australia was built by multi-cultural people’.

I am also called ‘the Big Black Queen of the Kimberley’ and I am the ‘closest thing to Royalty in the country’ as I am the ‘unofficial Queen of Australia’ and the ‘Queen of the people of the Kimberley’.

I choose to wear the colours of my home – the Broome area – where the ground is fire red and the sea is blue. I support and will stay with these colours as these colours make up a balance between me, a living energy, and nature itself, the earth. A connection we must all make with our mother the earth, the land.

Some people see me as a big mamma but I am really your favourite aunty and share with you all my views and fun that make us all laugh. I believe that laughter is a healing tool and if we all had a good laugh from the bottom of our hearts to the bottom of our bottoms, we would be healed by positive energy.

There is a greater energy, spirit that is at work in the world around us and we must identify and learn to live with this.