National Talkblack 080721

National Talkblack 080721

We had:

Dr Terri Janke, Solicitor and Director of Terri Janke and Company Pty Ltd talking about the release of her new book ‘True Tracks’. True Tracks is a groundbreaking work that paves the way for respectful and ethical engagement with Indigenous cultures. Using real-world cases and personal stories, award-winning Meriam/Wuthathi lawyer Dr Terri Janke draws on twenty years of professional experience to inform and inspire people working across many industries – from art and architecture, to film and publishing, dance, science and tourism. What Indigenous materials and knowledge are you using? How will your project affect and involve Indigenous communities? Are you sharing your profits with those communities? True Tracks helps answer these questions and many more, and provides invaluable guidelines that enable Indigenous peoples to actively practise, manage and strengthen their cultural life.

Julie Tongs, CEO of Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services talking about how strip searches were conducted on Indigenous women twice as often as non-Indigenous women at Canberra’s jail in recent months, new data has revealed. 122 of 208 searches recorded on the Alexander Maconochie Centre’s strip search register from October 2020 to April this year were of Indigenous women, roughly 60 per cent of all searches. A population snapshot of the jail, on January 25, recorded that 40 per cent of women at the jail were Indigenous. Taken together, it means two searches were conducted on an Indigenous woman for every one search of a non-Indigenous woman, however data from October 2019 to last month paints a less drastic picture, the ACT’s justice directorate has said. (Source: ABC)

Rachael McPhail, Place Names In Addresses campaigner talking about Australia Post launching new parcels marking traditional place names. The new Australia Post packaging will include a dedicated spot where customers can choose to include the First Nation country, just above the street address on a letter or parcel. It will be phased in as stock becomes available, as part of NAIDOC week. “For every town, for every place in this country, we have an original name, and it’s important to use them as a celebration and to recognise the history and the connection of First People to country,” she said. She said the next step was compiling a comprehensive database of all traditional place names, so people could easily work out where to send their mail. (Source: ABC)

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