National Talkblack 120721

National Talkblack 120721

We had:

Andre Borrell, producer and director of Envoy: Shark Cull. The filmmakers boldly claim that any person who views the film—even people terrified of sharks—will become an advocate against the QLD and NSW shark control programs—such is the overwhelming level and gravity of evidence in the film. Along with a compelling body of proof, the film presents the in-depth knowledge and expertise from some of the biggest names in ocean conservation, with the support of some of Australia’s favourite A-listers, including Eric Bana and Layne Beachley. The film will have a limited run of three screenings: the premiere on July 21, all cinema and ticket information is available at

Dr Fatima Yaqoot, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Rural & Remote Health at JCU: James Cook University, Australia, Sleep Coaches Emily and Stacey and Dr Sameen who is the project coordinator talking about how sleep health studies have found Indigenous Australian children suffer disproportionately from sleep problems.

Emily and Stacey are part of a program to train and upskill Aboriginal youth workers in the community to become “Sleep Coaches”, hear them talk about their experiences with Trev. This is the first-ever in Australia and creates an exciting career pathway for young people in the community. The group talk about the training and career opportunities available too. Rene Woods, who was chair of Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations and Operations Manager at Nari Nari Tribal Council before being appointed to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority last year talking about his experience as a member of the authority and why First Nation people being involved in water management is important. Have something happening in your community, and you want to talk about it, give us a call on 1800 422 416. Or Give us a text on 0457 140 550!

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