National Talkblack 310321

National Talkblack 310321

We had:

Fatima Yaqoot, Senior Research Fellow at James Cook University’s Mount Isa Centre for Rural and remote Health continuing on her previous conversation with Trendy Trev about how a new analysis of sleep health studies has found Indigenous Australian children suffer disproportionately from sleep problems. This interview, she talks about the recent project that aims to improve sleep health of Indigenous children.

We will be replaying the deadly Natalie Ahmat’s interview from last week where she talks about Neighbour Day 2021. Natalie is a NITV Presenter, producer, film-maker and proud First Nations woman. Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, and it encourages people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhood … in person or virtually.

We also replay Trendy Trev’s and Senior Sergeant Glen De Lai from Edmonton Police’s interview where they talked about gel blasters. The Queensland Police Service has responded to an increasing number of incidents within the community following reports of persons in possesion of items described as firearms. On investigation the items were identified as gel blasters and on occasions the behaviour of the persons in possession of these items has constituted a variety of offences.

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