National Talkblack 010421

National Talkblack 010421

We had:

Gary Christian, Research Director, Drug Free Australia talking about how a just-published study in the medical journal BMC Cancer has demonstrated that rising rates of childhood cancers, which have increased by 49% since 1975 throughout the United States, are closely related to increased cannabis use in US States that have decriminalised or legalised cannabis for medical and recreational use. A causal relationship of cannabis to these cancers is demonstrated, indicating that cannabis should not be used by women during pregnancy.

Vicki Miller, Executive General Manager of Shake It Up Australia Foundation talking about how every 40 minutes, another Australian is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). This year Shake It Up Australia Foundation marks ten years of fighting to find a cure for the 100,000 Australians living with PD.

A decade of the foundation’s relentless efforts to co-fund research focused on unravelling the Parkinson’s puzzle is now paying off, with a new diagnostic method uses a single-molecule counting technique to detect alpha-synuclein – a promising biomarker for the disease. Vicki explains what this means for people living with PD.

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