National Talkblack 280921

National Talkblack 280921

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Dr. Leonardo Guida, Australian Marine Conservation Society shark scientist, talking about how marine conservationists support Inidgenous Rangers on unique sawfish rescue missions. The Malak Malak Rangers have been undertaking annual patrols of their floodplain country around the Daly River for the last 10 years in the late dry season as floodwaters recede and waterholes dry up. The sawfish they find trapped in the drying billabongs are carefully moved into the main river channel so they do not run out of water and die in the evaporating pools. Dr Guida explained “Northern Australia is one of the last strongholds left on the planet for sawfish so we are proud and delighted to be partnering with the Rangers and CDU on these important missions. In 2000, the largetooth sawfish was first listed under national environmental laws as ‘Vulnerable’. Recognising the increased extinction risk due to these threats and the advancement in scientific knowledge, AMCS nominated the largetooth sawfish for uplisting from ‘Vulnerable’ to ‘Endangered’. A decision on the uplisted status is due in October 2022.

Frances Russell, CEO of FooForce, talking about how Australia needs a 000 for cybercrime. AUSTRALIA needs a simple national approach to reporting cyberattacks that every cybercrime victim can use, the CEO of one of the country’s leading managed service and security provider says. “The Australian Cyber Security Centre reported that a cyber security threat was reported every eight minutes in the past financial year,” Russell said.

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