National Talkblack 240321

National Talkblack 240321

We had:

Associate Professor Chandra Balaratnasigam from the Lions Eye Institute talking about how a new eye clinic to treat children and adolescents will help to reduce blindness in Western Australian children with diabetes. The clinic is a collaboration between the Lions Eye Institute and Perth Children’s Hospital, and is part of the new Perron Paediatric Retinopathy Initiative, generously supported by the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when small blood vessels inside the retina, at the back of the eye, become damaged as a result of diabetes, impacting sight and often causing blindness.

Associate Professor Balaratnasingam said vision loss due to diabetes had profound physical, psychological and social consequences in children and young people.

Senior Sergeant Glen De Lai from Edmonton Police with their weekly WhichWay Yarning segment. This week he’ll be talking to Trendy Trev about gel blasters as the Queensland Police Service has responded to an increasing number of incidents within the community following reports of persons in possesion of items described as firearms. On investigation the items were identified as gel blasters and on occasions the behaviour of the persons in possession of these items has constituted a variety of offences.

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