National Talkblack 211022

National Talkblack 211022

We had:

Dr Renae Kirkham, Deputy Lead of the DIABETES across the LIFECOURSE: Northern Australia Partnership Menzies School of Health Research, talking about the new study shining light on diabetes epidemic among Indigenous youth. A lack of understanding about diabetes’ remains a major roadblock to caring for Indigenous people living with the condition, a new study based in the country’s north has found.

Linda Berrigan, Director Good Things Foundation Australia, talking about 1 in 4 Australians missing out due to digital inequality. Australians are considered ‘digitally excluded’ when they don’t have the affordable access to devices or digital skills they need to keep up in today’s society. With the cost of living steadily rising, low-income communities will find it even harder to access the technologies they need for equal opportunities, thus further widening the digital divide.

Haran Ramachandran, Head of Creative Strategy ANZ at Snap, talking about how Aussies can now learn lifesaving CPR techniques using Snapchat. To coincide with World Restart a Heart Day (16th October), camera company Snap has partnered with the International Federation of the Red Cross, Red Crescent (through its IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre) and social technology agency Gospooky to create a new augmented reality experience demonstrating the basic steps of CPR.

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