National Talkblack 170821

National Talkblack 170821

We had:

Fiona Cornforth, CEO of the Healing Foundation, talking about how the NT Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation welcomes $378 million redress scheme. “A lot of our Stolen Generations people felt that they’d never win the fight, that the government would wait until they all died before they did anything.” To be eligible, recipients need to have been under 18 when they were forcibly removed from their families in the Northern Territory, the ACT or the Jervis Bay Territory. The scheme will support around 3,600 survivors

Dr. Di Stow, president of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia – PACFA talking about how access to counselling is still strong post-covid. At a time of peak demand for mental health support, counsellors and psychotherapists are offering flexible, accessible and affordable services for people seeking support with stress, relationships, domestic violence, parenting, grief and loss, abuse or job loss. These issues often emerge as triggers for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Cobus Berger, Associate Professor at University of South Australia, talking about how cannabis use rises, methamphetamine falls, during lockdown. Western Australia recorded the largest drop in ice loads, falling more than 50 per cent between April and June 2020, attributed to border closures restricting imports of the popular drug. Cannabis is largely produced locally so national supplies were still plentiful, and wastewater samples reflected this, with all states except the Northern Territory showing large increases in cannabis use.

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