National Talkblack 161019

National Talkblack 161019

On todays National Talkblack via NIRS – NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we had:
Jill Gallagher Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission – Aboriginal Victorians are being encouraged to make the most of their chance to cast their vote on the First Peoples’ Assembly before the polls close on October 20. Some scepticism remains and others hope it will empower communities.

Alison McCallum from Childs World Early Learning Centres giving us a quick update on importance of registering for Kindy 2020. Make sure you enrol by 1 December 2019 when you do you will get free swimming lessons, meals free, free bus service and any excursions they go as well.

Dr Hannah McGlade – Human rights lawyer and academic. Australia is turning a blind eye to violence against Indigenous women, but we will not stay silent — our lives matter. Dr Hannah McGlade has seen and heard a lot her time about the abuse of Aboriginal women by the justice system, but the case of Jody Gore, who in 2016 was found guilty of murdering her former partner and sentenced to life behind bars, deeply shocked and upset her.

And our regular Talkblack callers joining in on the conversations today.

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