National Talkblack 121021

National Talkblack 121021

We had:

Rebecca Rickard, owner of Deadly Denim, talking about Aboriginal clothing collection to grace Paris Fashion Week. The collaboration between Nyungar woman Rebecca Rickard and Ngarluma, Karriyarra, Yawuru, Nyulnyul artist Bobbi Lockyer features eight outfits that pay homage to their Aboriginal roots and connections, matched with custom made earrings by Ms Lockyer’s sister Skye.

Kathrine Scott, Manager of operations and compliance at the Juction Clubhouse, talking about their 2021 Junction Art Exhibition Launch Mental Health Community event happening today. It will start at 11am and go till 11:30am at Kite Art Gallery, 133 Grafton Street. Head down and check it out!

Andrea Reupert, Professor of Educational Psychology and Inclusive Education at Monash University, talking about Prevention and early intervention critical to ending the cycle of family mental illness. An international group of researchers led by Monash University have developed a series of principles and recommendations to assist children whose parents are living with a mental illness. The team of researchers have found that due to a range of factors, children whose parent/s have a mental illness are at risk for their own mental health problems and recommend that mental health services deliver support for the whole family and not only to individuals.

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