National Talkblack 111021

National Talkblack 111021

We had:

Lee-Anne Carter, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service – VALS Statewide Community Justice Programs Leader, talking about Fight to lower First Nations pension age. Uncle Dennis, and the Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) filed a case against the Commonwealth in the Federal Court last week to the pension age to be lowered three-years for First Nations Peoples. He argues that due to the lower life expectancy of First Nations Peoples compared to non-Indigenous People, having the same retirement age for all groups of people results in inequality. “If the case is successful, it will mean our Elders will be able to live with more dignity thanks to better financial security,” “It will help address housing security, health, education, and justice outcomes. It will be a small, probably unnoticeable change for most people in Australia, but it really could be a huge increase in the quality of life for our mob” She said.

Aunty Deb Walker and Robbie Young, Aboriginal Community Education Officers at Salisbury North Primary School, talking about Aboriginal students take out top tech prize, using Minecraft to ‘Heal Country’ and build school of their dreams. The 2021 Minecraft Education Challenge was hosted by Australia’s first Indigenous EduTech company, Indigital, and required students to engage with this year’s NAIDOC theme ‘Heal Country’. The students built their dream-school using Minecraft, a game in which players create three-dimensional worlds using building blocks made of various materials. “For us to win a national award … it’s going to stick with the kids for life,” Robbie Young said.

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