National Talkblack 110821

National Talkblack 110821

We had:

Scott Willis, Australian Physiotherapy Association National President, talking about how the mental health committee told physiotherapists they must be included in mental health reform. Mr Willis told the Committee that physiotherapists are qualified and trained to work with people who have mental illness across all health settings. Be sure to check out their podcast, “The Deadly Physios” here:

Dee Malek, proud Njamal woman, talking about her charity Friends Of Jedda, where little bundles of joy are delievered to mothers in need with pre-loved clothes donated around Australia. Moved by the generosity of her friends’ donated onesies, as COVID-19 restrictions locked down the nation early last year, the thought of women in Australia’s rural and remote communities pulled at Ms Malek’s heartstrings. “It felt like I was helping out women who didn’t have access to any of these shops, and they didn’t have people just randomly sending them things — they had actual use for these items,” she said. To donate, head to:

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