National Talkblack 100821

National Talkblack 100821

We had:

Elida Faith – Labor for Leichhardt, talking about Homelessness Week which took place last week and the funding that the Labor party will be donating towards it.

Matika Little, First Nations and community engagement officer talking about how the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has appointed her the first nations and community engagement officer. In this brand new role Matika will lead community consultation to ensure LGBTQI+ First Nations voices from around the region are heard and reflected in the work of Mardi Gras. Matika’s role is just another initiative implemented by Mardi Gras in recent years to strengthen the representation for LGBTQI+ First Nations voices within its activities.

Kirsten Banks, Australian astrophysicist and science communicator of Wiradjuri ancestry, talking about National Science Week. National Science Week (NSWk) runs between August 14th to 22nd and for many years has been Australia’s biggest community festival, attracting more than 1.5 million to more than 2,000 events across the country. This year, events and experiences will be both in person as well as in an online environment. Making it accessible for even more people to get involved and experience the fun and creativity of science!

Member of Cairns, Michael Healy MP, talking about the current lockdown in Cairns. Have something happening in your community, and you want to talk about it, give us a call on 1800 422 416. Or Give us a text on 0457 140 550!

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