National Talkblack 110221

National Talkblack 110221

We had:

Sandy Sanderson, CEO of Elektra Life Pty Ltd and Andre’a Simmons, Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) CEO and Founder talking about how they have partnered to help drug users recover. The AAIC and Elektra Magnesium have teamed up to get the message to the public that the use of transdermal (absorbed via the skin) magnesium can help people detoxify from drug use, regain calmness and balance by relaxing the central nervous system, and thereby cope better on the path to full recovery. Andre’a also shares her story on how drugs destroyed her life. For info on Elektra Magnesium: and for info on the AAIC:

Uncle Wayne “Coco” Wharton, Indigenous Activist catching up with Trev on all the latest events and what he’s been up to. He also talks about the death of the toddler in a daycare bus at Edmonton, south of Cairns, in February last year and what has happened since.

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