National Talkblack 070921

National Talkblack 070921

We had:

Linda Burney, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australian’s talking about the statement on ongoing First Nations Covid crisis. The use of 30 temporary motorhomes in Wilcannia is an admission by authorities that overcrowded housing is a real impediment to self-isolation, stopping the spread and keeping the community safe – some two and a half weeks after the town recorded its first case. Misinformation about vaccines also continues to spread to vulnerable communities anxious and desperate to stop further transmission of COVID. The Government needs to ramp up its communication to counter the misinformation in these communities. It must begin with empowering trusted local Aboriginal community organisations and leaders, but based on what we’re hearing from on the ground and what we’re seeing with the Government’s poor First Nations vaccination rates, this is not happening.

Nicole Batch, Protection Manager at Australian Red Cross, talking about how Australian Red Cross is helping search for displaced people in Afghanistan. Australian Red Cross is experiencing rapidly increasing demand from people in Australia desperate to reach their relatives caught up in the Afghanistan crisis. “We are getting calls from people distressed because they can’t reach their loved ones. They are worried and searching for answers,” said Nicole Batch. Donations can be made via or by phoning 1800 REDCROSS (1800 733 276)

Alethea Beetson, Executive Producer of BLAKSOUND talking about BLAKSOUND: The 100% First Nations music conference supporting the future of Indigenous music. Held online over three days, BLAKSOUND will see around 20 musicians and industry professionals present workshops and talks. The event aims to provide up-and-coming artists a first-hand insight into the music industry, its pitfalls and opportunities. “As an Indigenous person working in the music industry, who has directly experienced the kinds of systemic issues prevalent in the sector, it is definitely something that is driving BLAKSOUND,” says Alethea. Some of Blak music’s biggest stars will be taking part: Christine Anu, Baker Boy, DOBBY, Sycco, Troy Cassar-Daley, and many more. They’ll be offering their personal experiences within the music industry as wisdom and guidance for younger artists.

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