National Talkblack 061120

National Talkblack 061120

We had:

Mikaela French and Alexandra Hohoi from Marrawah Law discussing the Aboriginal Flag Senate Committee Inquiry. The Aboriginal Flag is a powerful symbol that represents the identity, connection to land and culture of Aboriginal People across the nation. Despite the significant cultural importance, the Aboriginal Flag is the only National Flag that is privately owned, copyrighted and licenced. A Senate Committee was established to look into the Aboriginal Flag’s copyright and licensing arrangements and consider options to allow the Aboriginal Flag to be used freely.

Kassie Hunter, Pilbara Girl 2020 talking about her individual experience and how the Kimberley Girl program is hoping to expand for Aboriginal women in Western Australia.

Lloyd Hornsby, internationally acclaimed Aboriginal artist discussing the launch of the First Nations Festival next week that will held at the Gindaaydjin, Glen Innes, NSW from 16-19 September 2021. The festivals aim is to create an immersive Aboriginal experience, endorsed and hosted by the Nations of the Northern Highlands of NSW, that celebrates their cultural identity and creates a greater understanding of, and engagement of all peoples, with Aboriginal culture.

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