National Talkblack 030321

National Talkblack 030321

We had:

Sherrin Murphy, Granddaughter of Aunty Rita Holt-Huggins who will be turning 100 years old on Tuesday 10th August 2021. Sherrin has proposed to the Carnarvon Gorge National Park where Aunty Rita was born and raised to have a seat and plaque placed on Country in honor of her name and a plaque placed on Country to honor the Holt name. All descendants, Family and Friends of Rita Cynthia Holt-Huggins are invited to help us celebrate. For more info on the event:

Senior Constable Nicole O’Rourke, Constable Beau Kelly and Senior Constable Jess Geary from Edmonton Police with their weekly WhichWay Yarning Segment talking about Project Booyah. Project Booyah, which translates to an expression for ‘joy, excitement or triumph’, is a Queensland Police, Youth Mentoring Program that utilises adventure based learning, leadership skills, decision making/problem solving exercises, resilience training, policing strategies and family inclusive principles to help young people aged 14-17 years make better life choices!

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