National Talkblack 020321

National Talkblack 020321

We had:

Desanya Stanley, Founder and Director of Destiny Designed talking about what specialised services they offer. She is an inspirational Indigenous individual known for her ability to provide high level strategic solutions to manage complex and diverse tasks which has resulted in achieving positive outcomes in all key Indigenous policy areas.

Damien Finch, a PhD Student at the University of Melbourne and lead author of the new paper discussing how wasp nests show that the oldest-known rock art in Australia is a 17,300-year-old kangaroo in the Kimberley.

Gabe Waterman, new Manager of the Wik and Kugu Arts Centre talking about his new role. Aurukun Shire Council Mayor Keri Tamwoy said she was looking forward to seeing Aurukun’s artists create new carvings and painting for a series of upcoming exhibitions. With a solid understanding of Wik Mungkan, Mr Waterman is planning to strengthen the connection between language and art to better showcase Wik and Kugu culture to the world.

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