National Talk Black 130224

National Talk Black 130224

Coming up on The Show via The NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service is Syd Perry @sydperryreggae who’s gunna be performing here this 16th Friday at Elixir Music House and Fishery Falls Pub Saturday 17th.

“His music and his mission are to uplift, enlighten and empower all indigenous people everywhere through the message and levity of Rastafari”.

Syd Perry is a Jamaican/Canadian, Roots Reggae/Blues singer-songwriter known for playing a 12-string guitar and the harmonica at the same time.

Mostly inspired by the Rocksteady era (late 60s), Roots Reggae of the 70s and Blues music of the 40s and 50s, Syd Perry has an original sound known as Roots Blues Reggae.

Based in Portland, Jamaica, Syd Perry has toured across South Africa, Mozambique, Eswatini, Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda, England, Canada, Jamaica, México, the Hawaiian Islands and the United States.

He has performed in countless restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, resorts, festivals, private events, corporate events, weddings, in-store performances and on-call performances.

As well as television and radio appearances. Also, his most recent single titled ‘Rocky Road’, has just been submitted for the 2024 Juno Awards (Canadian Music Awards).

Nominations will be announced on February 6th.