Plan B with Carli: local Cairns’ businesses who are thinking green

Plan B with Carli: local Cairns’ businesses who are thinking green

n Decembers episode of Plan B, Carli spoke to some local businesses about how they consider the environment in their business ethics and processes. ??

The Fermented Kitchen (TFK), kraut and kombucha wholesaler????, yarned about the different ways they recycle their packaging and their scraps. ‘Wild fermenting’ is the process in which Kraus is made. Cabbage is used to add prebiotics, and TFK rely on bacteria on and in the vegetables to ferment without adding any pre-cultured bacteria. Green Tea is used in the kombucha for the best health benefits. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives are used in their products. Scraps are taken home by staff for composting. Excess kraut juice, rich in good bacteria, is passed on to local café Lon Nua, who reuses the waste in salad dressings and mayonnaise. There are many more ways this company reduces, reuses and recycles to hear about in the episode ?♻

Mainie Australia yarned about slow fashion?? and explained the process from purchasing art from Australian Indigenous Artists to ensuring environmental standards at silk factories in China. Art is purchased from Australian Indigenous female artists, licensed to reproduce and artists are paid royalties from every sale. Charmaine, co-founder and creative director, talks fondly of the light-bulb moment from which the inspiration for Mainie Australia’s designs came about, and it has been a whirlwind since the launch in 2015 – they are now an internationally renowned brand.

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Next Episode on January 27th: Art and the Environment. Hear how Erub Arts in the Torres Strait is bringing waste pollution into conversations globally using art.????