Plan B with Carli – Episode 1

Plan B with Carli – Episode 1


The very first episode of BBM98.7FM new environmental program is hosted by Carli Somer Willis and called ‘Plan B’ ?

Special thanks to Scott Paterson of the Cairns Regional Council for coming in to have a yarn with Carli about household recycling (just touching a bit on business recycling).

There were some really great points that Scott made and feedback that he gave us on how we can better recycle ♻️.

Here is a quick recap:

– ? Anything smaller than a credit card can’t be recycled, for example bottle caps

– ? Recycle soft plastics through your nearest Coles or Woolworths – check this website for their whereabouts;

– ?‍♀️Use the scrunch test for plastics – scrunch it in your hand and if it doesn’t bounce back into shape, it is too soft to send to your household recycling

– ☕️ Coffee cups cannot be recycled and go to landfill!

– ❌ Soft plastics are contaminants to your recycling – putting these in will send it to landfill!

– ♻️ Our council is currently recycling glass locally using their ‘Glass Imploder’, and trialling concrete crushing technology

– ? Our council’s facilities are receiving a 6million dollar upgrade! The upgrade trajectory should improve our current recovery rate of 40 percent of recycling being recovered, to up to 90 percent recovered!

? Keep your eyes on our website for the full episode and more exciting key recycling information for Cairns residents and businesses. Follow up to come in episode 2 – stay tuned!

☎️ For any further enquiries regarding your ♻️ recycling options and eligibility, feel free to call Council’s customer service line on 1300 692 247.

? Please feel free to comment if you think we left anything out of this episode, or if there is something more you would like to know.