National Talkblack 300623

National Talkblack 300623

We had:

Associate Professor Andrew Redfern, talking about the free Q&A to discuss breast cancer in Maori, Pasifika and Indigenous communities. In Australia, although Aboriginal women are 0.9 times as likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, they are 1.2 times more likely to die from breast cancer than the wider population. The five-year survival for Aboriginal women with breast cancer is also lower at 81% compared to the general population of 92%.

Molly Hunt, Illustator, talking about ‘This Book Thinks Ya Deadly!’. This Book Thinks Ya Deadly! is an inspirational, illustrated compendium that celebrates the diversity and success of First Nations People. This groundbreaking book is the first of its kind.

Hayley Creed, Indigenous teaching student at ACU, talking about the role she’s doing and the Game Changers program at ACU. Hayley says being a part of the Game Changers program has given her the confidence to embrace her heritage.

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