National TalkBlack 300421

National TalkBlack 300421

We had:

Janet Kelly, Research & Course Co-Ordinator at the University of Adelaide and Amy Graham, Research Assistant & Indigenous Health professional at the University of Adelaide talking about the Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives Back to the Fire Inaugural National Conference Series. The conferences incorporate celebrations of culture, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges as well as their members’ invaluable contribution to the health system. The story of Australia is the story of a country shaped by fire and fire is at the centre of theme for the 2021 CATSINaM Conference series. This conference theme reflects what the sacred fire at the Tent Embassy in Canberra (on Ngunnuwal Country) means for First Nations Peoples and for Indigenous nurses and midwives in 2021.

Shakira Clanton, an actor and singer talking about her taking the stage at Darlinghurst Theatre to share stories from her extraordinary life in ‘Still, I Rise’, a memorable evening of live music, yarning and laughs. ‘Still, I Rise’ traverses a range of Clanton’s life experiences; from the racism and sexism she’s faced as a woman of colour in the creative industry, the lessons her single mother tried to impart on her as a teenager, to getting hitched in 2019 and spending the first of marriage in lockdown with her new husband.

Lockhart River Mayor Wayne Butcher talking about how Lockhart River is isolated yet again. Day three of no phones and no internet connection in Lockhart River has left the Mayor fuming and furious at Telstra for dragging their heels about putting an end to communications issue in the Cape York community.

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