National Talkblack 291021

National Talkblack 291021

We had:

Elida Faith – Labor for Leichhardt, talking about the government’s new voter suppression laws. The Morrison-Joyce Government yesterday introduced changes to electoral laws into Federal Parliament designed to make it harder for First Nations people to vote. Queensland Labor Senator Nita Green said this was a deliberate attempt by the Morrison-Joyce Government to disenfranchise First Nations people living in Cape York and the Torres Strait, and Labor will fight against it.

Patrick Hone, Managing Director of the FRDC, talking about FRDC reports on a year of delivering for stakeholders. The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) Annual Report 2020–21, released today, reports on a year of delivering for stakeholders in fishing and aquaculture, as well as the broader Australian community. ‘Last year, the pandemic had a major impact on commercial, Indigenous and recreational fishers and we adapted our engagement and communications activities so that we provided targeted and timely information’, said Dr Hone.

Bec Coutis, CEO of Wheels of Wellness, talking about an appeal for new underwear for the homeless and disadvantaged people in our community. They are also looking for a donation of a new sofa bed, as our two daybeds are not enough for our clients who come in off the streets for daily respite (they provide beds, showers, kitchen facilities and connections to doctors, health and social workers and other services).

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