National Talkblack 291020

National Talkblack 291020

We had:

Kevin George, Senior Lawman and Senior Cultural Ranger for the Bardi Jawi Rangers discussing how the Bardi Jawi Nation at Ardyaloon (One Arm Point), Western Australia, officially celebrated the return of 31 items from the Illinois State Museum, United States of America.

Dr Johanna Perheentupa, author of ‘Redfern: Aboriginal activism in the 1970s’ talking about her book of Aboriginal activism and resurgence. ‘Redfern: Aboriginal activism in the 1970s’ covers a dynamic and turbulent time. A period that became a blueprint for Indigenous activism and positive change for Indigenous Australians across the country.

Dr Peter Slattery, Research Fellow at BehaviourWorks Australia discussing how a survey conducted my Monash University has revealed that the majority of Australians would get themselves and their children vaccinated against COVID-19. Data found that 71 percent of Australians would get a COVID-19 vaccination if it became available.

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