National Talkblack 250821

National Talkblack 250821

We had:

Dr Helen Haydon from the The University of Queensland talking about Easing dementia’s burden on Indigenous Australian’s. Improving the impact of high dementia rates on Indigenous Australians and communities is the focus of a University of Queensland-led telehealth project with a global track record of success. DementiaECHO is facilitating ‘round-table’ learning between Indigenous health services and a specialist dementia team from the Princess Alexandra Hospital. “One of the best ways to increase access to dementia care is by increasing knowledge in local communities and that’s where DementiaECHO plays its part.” Dr Helen says.

Senior Constable Nicole O’Rourke from Edmonton Police, talking about the recent anti-lockdown protests that have been taking place in NSW and VIC, and discussing how everyone has a rights, but when it is going against state rules, you will be fined.

Dr Jason Lee, rural psychiatrist from Beyond Blue, talking about Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service and Beyond Blue Support Service (CMWSS). The CMWSS is specifically designed to support people through the pandemic. It is available 24/7 at no cost to callers and offers tips and strategies for self-guided support, referrals, information and support from counsellors briefed on the pandemic response.

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