National Talkblack 250722

National Talkblack 250722

We had:

Kathleen Toomath, Manager Carrolup Centre at Curtin University, talking about worldwide search launched for missing Stolen Generations childrens’ artwork. An international search underway in the United Kingdom for hundreds of missing artworks created by the children of Stolen Generations from Western Australia’s south-west.

Alicia Michelle Glen, Transformational Coach and Mental Health Advocate talking about how new research reveals significant generational gap when discussing mental health. New research reveals 25–34-year-olds are most likely to be open about their mental health, with nearly one in two being comfortable discussing their mental health with others, whereas over 65s were the least likely, with less than a third feeling comfortable to discuss their mental health.

Professor Hugh Taylor, Harold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health at The University of Melbourne, talking about the goal of eliminating eye disease trachoma by 2025 under threat as pandemic bites. The new federal minister responsible for Indigenous health said the pandemic has contributed to missing a goal of eliminating eye disease trachoma.

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