National Talkblack 250919

National Talkblack 250919

On todays National Talkblack via NIRS – NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we had:

Wayne Costelloe thank you for hosting ?

Ruby Hayman – A Lebanese-Syrian writer and author – When white people cry foul it is often people of colour who suffer. White Tears/Brown Scars a new book blows open the inconvenient truth that when it comes to race, white entitlement is too often masked by victimhood. Never is this more obvious than the dealings between women of colour and white women. What happens when racism and sexism collide? Ruby Hamad provides some confronting answers.

Edmonton Police – Robbie and Sio in the studio for their Whichway Yarning segment – Sponsored by IGA Piccones. Yarning about the achievements of the youth who participated in a film project course recently and have all gone on to do amazing things within the film and entertainment industry. Also its school holidays so just a reminder to families to keep your eye on your kids and what activities they are doing.

Julia Stafford – Alcohol Programs Team WA – An increasing number of Australians are turning to alcohol-on-demand services, where booze gets delivered to your door is just a swipe away on your smartphone. But some people within the industry are nervous about the expansion and the flow on effect within the community for police who deal with crime — our hospitals, our ambulance service, and our domestic violence services.

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