National Talkblack 241121

National Talkblack 241121

We had:

Vanessa Lee Ahmat, Social Epidemiologist, talking about Digital platforms to economically empower Indigenous artists. She will also be talking about why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not accessing the vaccine and about her role in the International Lesbian and Gay Association of the world, and what it means for our people.

Senior Sergeant Glen De Lai and PLO Stephen Grant from Edmonton Police, talking about Joyriding. Joyriders are usually young (often below the legal driving age) or offenders, or both, and are likely to be driving without a licence or insurance. They are likely to drive dangerously at high speed, often while drunk or on drugs, and cause crashes, killing and maiming themselves, their passengers and people in other vehicles and on foot and bikes.

Glennys Briggs, Indigenous Visual Artist, talking about ‘The stress, the anxiety, the fight’: Aboriginal artist researches history of women on missions. Growing up, Glennys heard stories of strong women — mothers, aunties, sisters and daughters raised on missions and reserves under the iron grip of the Aboriginal Protectorate. Now she wants to share those stories — both of her own ancestors and other First Nations women.

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