National Talkblack 210820

National Talkblack 210820

We had:

Leah Cameron, Managing Director and Principal Solicitor for Marrawah Law discussing refinancing your home mortgage – is it worth it?

Katie, a Butterfly Foundation Champion talking about Butterfly Foundation’s Talking Helps Campaign to support marginalised people with eating disorders and body image issues. Katie has a lived experience of anorexia and bulimia. She tells us about the challenges of managing her eating disorder whilst being in a same-sex relationship, in particular because she didn’t want her partner to think that she was comparing body types.

Candace Swan Taylor, Jasmine Brown and Leah Brown from Wulla Designs discussing how they endured cold and windy conditions to paint a reconciliation mural onto a water pipeline at Port Augusta’s southern entrance with fellow artist Jasmine Brown. Candace also talks about her daughter Syriah-Leigh Taylor, an Aborginal model with vitiligo who will be making her debut at London Fashion Week with Wulla designs. Check out their gofundme to support their LPFW 2021 journey:

Anthony Beven, Partner at Grant Thornton Australia discussing the Stolen Wages Settlement Distribution Scheme. The deadline is the 28th of August, for more information contact: 1300 591 545 or

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