National Talkblack 210621

National Talkblack 210621

We had:

Dr Scott Winch, World Vision Australia First Nations Policy Advisor talking about how the best way to promote a shared understanding of First Nations culture in Australia is through education, a recent poll has found. Seven in 10 Australians surveyed also agree education is the key to “reducing racism”. Dr Winch said the poll findings supported the Know Your Country campaign’s aim to better equip teachers and schools with the tools to embed First Nations knowledges, culture and perspectives across the curriculum. The poll was commissioned for the national Know Your Country campaign that was launched last week – a First Nations-led and informed coalition. The campaign calls on political parties at all levels of Government to commit to funding First Nations cultural educators in every primary school as an election promise and a budget priority.

Aunty Rhonda Collard-Spratt, Yamatji-Noongar storyteller and artist talking about the release of her ad Jacki Ferro’s new book ‘Grandfather Emu and How the Kangaroo got her Pouch’. The story of poor old Grandfather Emu, or old Weitj, who asks the bush animals for help to reach the creek features terms from the Noongar language of Western Australia. Published by Boolarong Press, Grandfather Emu educates children about our native animals, like the emu, kangaroo, numbat, crow and goanna, and it honours ancient Aboriginal teachings, by presenting new Dreamings for future generations.

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