National Talkblack 201020

National Talkblack 201020

We had:

Pat Anderson, The Lowitja Institute‘s Chairperson talking about how they welcome the authorised biography of Dr Lowitja O’Donoghue, written by Australian journalist and writer Stuart Rintoul. Lowitja Institute chairperson Pat Anderson said Dr O’Donoghue was an outstanding leader and visionary, whose story is one of great courage, integrity and determination.

Trendy Trev catches up with Brendan Marika from Garrangali Band to discuss their album ‘One Voice’. Their North Eastern Arnhem Land award winning sounds encompass their passion to keep their land, their influences and their Yolngu culture strong. ‘One Voice’, the title track of Garrangali’s forthcoming album due out in January 2021, is a powerful and heartfelt cry to celebrate the Yolngu way of life in the homelands.

Dr Nicholas Apofis, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at UNSW talking about how himself and a team of academics from UNSW’s Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences has released a book titled ‘Navigating Fieldwork in the Social Sciences: danger, risk and reward. The book covers their experiences doing fieldwork research in often volition and dynamic environments from criminology in Kings Cross, to international relations in conflict zones, law in the sex industry and gender based violence in human rights.

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