National Talkblack 170221

National Talkblack 170221

We had:

Fiona Petersen, Healing Foundation CEO talking about how they are calling on the Federal Government to establish a National First Nations Memorial and Centre for Healing in Canberra and a doubling of the core Commonwealth Grant that funds The Healing Foundation’s work to support Stolen Generations survivors and their descendants. She will also be talking about how February 13 each year marks the anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations, who suffered trauma because of past government policies of forced child removal. Many of these removals occurred as the result of laws and policies aimed at assimilating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population into the predominately white community. She says “it is important to commemorate this significant moment in national healing, acknowledging the wrongs of the past, while reflecting on the work that still needs to be done to address the impacts of unresolved trauma.”

Senior Sergeant Glen De Lai and PLO Stephen Grant from Edmonton Police with their weekly WhichWay Yarning segment, this week they talk about assault or obstructing a police officer. It is an offence to assault a police officer when they are performing their official duties. A person who strikes, touches, moves or applies force to a police officer (either directly or indirectly) can be charged with Assaulting Police.

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