National Talkblack 160621

National Talkblack 160621

We had:

Elida Faith – Labor for Leichhardt talking to Trev about various topics such as the Eco Fiesta that was held last weekend at Munro Martin Park, community and housing and more.

Worrin Williams, Oxfam‘s Straight Talk Coordinator talking about how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from across Australia can now apply to participate in a week-long summit in Canberra to build their political engagement skills to make positive changes in their communities. Part of Oxfam Australia’s Straight Talk program – which is now it its 12th year – the national summit will run from 17-22 October. The immersive program aims to empower ATSI women to learn more about, and participate in, the political system. For more info:…/indigenous…/straight-talk/. Applications are open until 17 July. Applicants do not need previous political experience or an understanding of Parliament.

Senior Sergeant Glen De Lai from Edmonton Police with their weekly WhichWay Yarning segment, this week he is talking about dangerous driving habits.

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