National Talkblack 150422

National Talkblack 150422

We had:

Leah Cameron, CEO of Marrawah Law, talking about Diversity in the Court. Over the weekend a historical moment happened as after 232 years Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first Black woman confirmed to the US Supreme Court. To date, no person of colour has been appointed to Australia’s High Court. In a country with the world’s oldest living culture and a culture built on immigration, this is a real gap.

Raymond Weatheral, Applicant on the Native Title Claim talking about the fight against the mining giant Santos gas project. There will be a court case happening this week.Anthony McLeod, Head of Auction Operations talking about Flood Victims Desperate for Drinking Water. After the recent floods that devastated QLD and NSW, the owners of Quench Natural Spring Water wanted to give back to the community and struggling families the best way they could, by donating their remaining stock. Although many communities in QLD and NSW have been inundated with water from the recent floods, they have been left with little fresh drinking water.

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