National Talkblack 140121

National Talkblack 140121

We had:

Waverley Stanley, Founding Director of Yalari catching up with Trev to yarn about what’s happening at Yalari in 2021!

Katina Olsen, Performer in the ‘In Situ’ show discussing the show. Take a walk in Parramatta Park, the heartland of the Barramatta people, and discover a collection of hidden dances inspired by the landscape with In Situ; a new work by Dance Makers Collective and Future Makers for the Sydney Festival, 21 – 24 January 2021. In Situ takes inspiration from the stories of this landscape to present a promenade style performance, where 20 audience members are taken on a curated journey through the parklands, witnessing 10 solo dance pieces tied together by the environment and sounds around them. The work is a response to the histories of the park, an exchange with the park, an intersection on the path from the past to the future. For more information and to book tickets head to

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