National Talkblack 131020

National Talkblack 131020

We had:

Distinguished Professor Sara Charlesworth, Director of RMIT University‘s Centre for People, Organisation and Work and Professor of Gender, Work and Regulation in the School of Management commenting on the Federal Government response to the COVID-19 pandemic in aged care.

Dr John Vaz, Senior Lecturer at the Monash Business School discussing the Federal Budget, and what it means for families, businesses and other sectors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Robertson, Chair of the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council announcing the launch of an animated video that explains sentencing in the Queensland Murri Court. Created by the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council, the video outlines how Elders and Respected people from the community work closely with the Murri Court magistrates, the defendant and their legal representatives to help keep families together, enable offenders to work through their issues, make better choices, reduce the risk of reoffending and help keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people out of prison. View the video here:…/murri-court

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