National Talkblack 130521

National Talkblack 130521

We had:

Will Kepa, Multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and producer talking about how the ANU has opened the Yil Lull studio to be used exclusively by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists for free, and its hoped the studio will boost Indigenous enrolments at the university’s school of music.

Dr Chris Wilson, Senior Lecturer (Archaeology & Indigenous Studies) at Flinders University and lead researcher that provides a rare glimpse into ancient Abroiginal technology that has been uncovered in the form of a bone artefact on Ngarrindjeri country, along the Lower Murray river system in South Australia. Found at Murrawong near Murray Bridge by Flinders University researchers, in collaboration with the Ngarrindjeri community, the bone is believed to have come from a macropod, an animal from the marsupial family.

Associate Professor Michelle Evans, Head of the University of Melbourne Indigenous Business Research Group and research leader of the inaigural Indigenous Business Snapshot Study that reveals the extent of Indigenous businesses’ contribution to the Australian economy which is at least $4.88 billion.

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