National Talkblack 111219

National Talkblack 111219

On todays National Talkblack via NIRS – NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we had:

Aaron Smith – Editor – Cape and Torres News – Catch Up. Talking about the impact on Climate Change with Health. 23 Doctors have signed a statement called calling on the on the Federal Government not just on the environment, but the knock on effects this has on peoples health. Heat stress with the Torres Strait being 1 or 2 degrees hotter than the rest of the country.

Edmonton Police – Senior Sargent Glen De Lai – Whichway Yarning segment – Sponsored by IGA Piccones. The Cairns Greater Taskforce with property offences this time of the year sky rocketing. Primarily they are property offences, break and entering, stealing cars and drug offences.

Cheryl Vardon – Principal Commissioner of the Queensland Family and Child. With the Christmas season upon us the pressure on families is higher. Data released from online community services directory – one place said the most commonly searched pressures was for food and housing support. Its important to check – in with family and friends over the Christmas period and to encourage them to reach out if they appear to be struggling.

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