National Talkblack 110723

National Talkblack 110723

We had:

Herman, Aboriginal aged care worker in Broome, encouraging mob to consider jobs in the care and support sector, disability and aged care. “It’s often easier for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to trust another First Nations person to care for them. It can make all the difference in the initial care period” Herman said.

Hayley Creed, Indigenous teaching student at ACU, talking about the role she’s doing and the Game Changers program at ACU. Hayley says being a part of the Game Changers program has given her the confidence to embrace her heritage.

Mykelle and Jaydn Bigarape, brother and sister talking about how CIAF has introduced them as the new choreographers for cultural milestone fashion performance. Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) has appointed young and talented sibling duo, Mykelle and Jaydn Bingarape to choreograph its 2023-decade anniversary fashion performance of Woven. Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

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