National Talkblack 090919

National Talkblack 090919

On todays National Talkblack via NIRS – NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we had:

Madeline Hayman-Reber journalist for NITV who was giving us an update on the findings for Aunty Tanya Days inquest which will be going for 3 weeks. To stay up to date with the live court findings as they are happening you can follow her on Twitter: @MadelineHayman

Clarence McCarthy-Grogan yarning about his achievement with wheelchair basketball in representing Australia in his recent selection with the ‘Aussie Rollers’. To deadly so proud of you and your success so far ?

Cameron Williams – Writer and Film Critic. The Australian Dream (featuring Adam Goodes) after its premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival, was met with a 10-minute standing ovation. Applause at Australian film festivals is often a courtesy, especially on opening night, but for the adoration to go beyond 30 seconds is an achievement.

The documentary uses the experiences of former AFL player Adam Goodes to examine racial politics in Australia and is one of the best-reviewed, most-publicised Australian films of 2019.
Jump a few weeks ahead to when the film opens in Australia and it ranks 12th at the box office on opening weekend. Cameron unpacked the sad film ranking and how that reflects on us as a nation.

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