National Talkblack 090621

National Talkblack 090621

We had:

Dr Mariko Smith, First Nations Assistant Curator in the Engagement, Exhibitions & Cultural Connection branch of the Australian Museum (AM) talking about the AM’s Lunchtime Conversation Series. The Lunchtime Conversation Series showcases the stories and ground-breaking work of First Nations leaders across political, environmental and cultural fields. For more information and to book tickets, visit:

Jessie Victoria Bonson, Jawoyn and Torres Strait woman from Darwin talking about the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census operations in remote areas and job opportunities available for people in remote areas to be a part of the 2021 Census operations.

Constable Ethan Hohn, Constable Juan and PLO’s Stephen Grant and John Jia from Edmonton Police talking about the Indigenous Recruit Preparation Program (IRPP). For successful participants, the IRPP provides direct entry into the recruit training program. Participants for the IRPP are selected by QPS Recruiting during the recruiting process in consultation with the applicant. For more info:

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