National Talkblack 070823

National Talkblack 070823

We had:

John Paul (JP) Janke, Spokesperson, encourages communities to stay healthy and strong with a bowel cancer screening test. Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer and one of the most common cancers impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, however if detected early, almost all bowel cancers are treatable.

Associate Professor Kym Rae, Mater Research’s Principal Research Fellow for Indigenous Health, talking about Landmark First Peoples health study to roll out in Cairns. A ground-breaking Mater Research project will place health workers in Indigenous communities across Queensland and study the long-term wellbeing of 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families thanks to a $4.69m grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

From First Nations Foundation, Destiny Dewis, Community Development & Project Officer, Maddie Shepherd, Program Manager and Melanie Noble, Project Officer and Lead for Financial Wellness Week, all talking about First Nations Foundation coming to Cairns and Yarrabah.

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