National Talkblack 060623

National Talkblack 060623

We had:

Aunty McRose Elu, Saibai Elder, talking about the On Country evidence given in landmark Climate Case on the frontline of Australia’s climate disaster. Faced with rising sea levels and distressing inaction on climate change, in October 2021 Uncle Pabai and Uncle Paul filed the Australian Climate Case against the Australian Government for failing to prevent climate change. The homes of people in the Torres Strait could disappear beneath the rising seas, making them Australia’s first climate change refugees

Christine Rhazi, Caritas Australia First Australians Programs Associate Director, talking about how Australians want to see more government support for the Stolen Generations. Research released by Caritas Australia shows that over two-thirds of Australians believe it is important for the Federal Government to address the legacy of the Stolen Generations

Kyllie Cripps, Monash Indigenous Studies Centre Director, talking about systematic racism embedded in Aboriginal women’s deaths. A Monash University study has found systematic racism within Australia’s justice system is linked to 151 Indigenous women’s deaths, prompting calls for greater accountability of authorities in responding to domestic and family violence.

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