National Talkblack 031019

National Talkblack 031019

On todays National Talkblack via NIRS – NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service we had:

Larissa Waters Senator for QLD – Australian Greens. The topic of Climate Change has been on the tip of all Australian’s tongues and globally with the recent Climate strike and rally’s and the recent United Nations meeting. But what does this mean for the Australian public?

Larissa also met with First Nations people yesterday in the Northern Territory who are holding events on the east coast raising awareness of plans to frack the NT

Greg our regular Talkblack wanting to yarn about ‘Elodial Title’. Elodial title is a topic discussed on this program and also Blak Law: Tribal Edition. Its the concept that Aboriginal people don’t need to ask for a Treaty it’s the people that came to Australia the British that actually need one. This particular paper that Shane Mortimer talks about is regularly is actually in the government archives.

Also another caller from Corina in WA wanting to yarn about Climate Change. Fighting to save country with what we have left! Our cultural heritage is important in the land and in the sea and people are so greedy to make money and don’t care what they wreck in the meantime.

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