National Talkblack 030920

National Talkblack 030920

We had:

Leonard Yusia, YLC Yusia Lawn Care owner telling us his story about how while Australia was bunkering down to stop the spread of COVID-19, an Aurukun resident was planning to launch the isolated Cape York community’s first start-up business for 2020.

Dean Foley, Founder and CEO of Barayamal discussing how he is expressing his interest in the vacant CEO position at the Red Chief Local Aboriginal Land Council. Mr Foley says he was disappointed with the lack of support from organisations that are supposed to be helping local Aboriginal organisations but has made his ambitions to take charge of the Red Chief LALC by confirming that he can turn things around as CEO.

Phillipa Mcdermott, Head of Indigenous Employment at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation talking about her role on the panel ‘Institutional Change: The Noise We Should Be Making’ which was curated by Rhoad Roberts AO. The panel tackle the intricacies of institutional racism and discuss the changes that need to be made for our workplaces to be truly inclusive.

Deon Hastie, Naisda Dance Head of Dance speaking about how NAISDA unveiled its safe and easy online audition experience. Applications to audition close on 18 September 2020 and online auditions will continue until 2 October 2020. For more info on how to apply visit

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