National Talkblack 020921

National Talkblack 020921

We had:

Catherine Liddle, CEO of SNAICC-National Voice for our Children, talking about taking the time to ensure a better future for our kids. The national peak body representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children has urged Community Services Ministers to take the time to get it right when considering the current draft for the new National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children. “Currently Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are 41% of all children in out-of-home care and modelling shows numbers will double by 2030″ Catherine said.

Dr. Fiona Macdonald, lead author at RMIT University, talking about how triple load in lockdowns takes toll on women and gender equality. Women with young children face long-term consequences from COVID-19 lockdowns, including a disproportionate impact on work and career opportunities, new research reveals. Fiona said the the disruption caused by COVID-19 may be especially critical for women with young children, potentially increasing their career disadvantages and reinforcing traditional gender roles.

From the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme, MAJOR Greg Stannard, the officer in charge of AACAP 21, talking about what the troops have been doing in the Purmpuraaw over the last few months. Lance Corporal Anthony Curtis, the plant operator with the 6 Engineer Support Regiment. He’s been closely involved in a lot of the construction and facility maintenance works. Private Melanie Norris who is the Army Medical Technician with the 1st Close Health Battalion. Private Norris has been doing an amazing job helping the women and children in Purmpuraaw with health related issues and questions. For more information about the AACAP visit:…/army-indigenous-engagement

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