National Talkblack 020821

National Talkblack 020821

We had:

Janina Harding, Artistic Director of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair , talking about ticketed events and workshops CIAF will be holding this year.

Sean Choolburra, community influencer and supporter talking about the “Stop it at the start campaign”. The campaign encourages adults to positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people aged 10-17 by role modelling positive behaviour, calling out disrespect and starting conversations about respect. it aims to unite the community around positive actions everyone can take to break the cycle of disrespect , and ultimately, violence against woman.

Emma Donovan, Television and radio advertisements feature singer, composer, Play School presenter, and HAPEE spokesperson speaking about “HAPPEE Ears For Early Years”. Today, Hearing Australia is launching a campaign to improve the ear and hearing health of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Ear disease and hearing loss affects around one in three Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids and can have a major impact on their development and engagement with their family and community. The campaign will raise the awareness of parents and care givers of the importance of getting their children’s ears and hearing checked regularly, and that they can do this through Hearing Australia’s national “Hearing Assessment Program” – Early Ears (HAPEE).

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